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Air Handling Unit

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Air Handling Unit

>> Best design by CFD (computational fluid dynamics program)

  • Keep the high efficiency according to select the best product reflecting air stream condition, pressure, speed in air handling unit by computer design with air stream analysis simulation program.

>> Casing & Panel

  • Duplicate casing structure coated with silicon polyester on the color steel sheet, excellenct durability and insulation by 45mm urethane material
  • Short installation and manufacture time by consisting of standard panel and convenient transport & easy installation on the field

>> Damper

  • The damper made by air tight type operates as a linkage type and vibration and air resistance is small when waving and revolving during rotation.

>> Frame

  • The various frame structure set with standard panel is made of aluminum profile or steel pipe also aluminum profile is durable by designing 50x50, 60x60, 70x70 according to the standard.

>> Coil

  • Aluminum or copper fin of coil is manufactured as a corrugate feature which has over 0.14mm thickness, it can manufacture feature of Mountain Louver Fin which has superior heat transfer fucntion according to the customer's demand

>> Fan

  • It has superior efficiency and durability as selecting the best fan in various design condition corresponded to customer's demand

>> Access door

  • Manufactured as air tight type which can inspect indoor by access window without opening the door and there is no freezing because duplicated structure
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