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Screw Chiller

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Screw Chiller

>> High-efficient Heat Exchanger

  • It improves capacity of chiller by selecting optimized design of heat exchanger and high efficient electric heat pipe.

>> Reliable Compressor with High Capacity

  • The domestic and world's recognized Screw compressor, manufactured by Hitachi Co., and the UL and CE-marked compressor, manufactured by RefComp in ltaly, is used to secure quality and safety. Chiller efficiency guaranteed with the new product design, its precision-processing Rotor, and high efficiency motor.

>> Low Niose and Oscillation

  • Optimally designed cooling conduit secures high capacity and reduces noise and oscillation.

>> Convenient Maintenance

  • Since oil is supplied using the pressure difference in the compressor interior, an oil pump is not required. The structure of the built-in oil separator is simple to use and easily maintained. The structure of the cooler and the condenser is designed to be easy to check and repair.

>> Energy Economization

  • The load system operated effectively by selecting the infiinite capacity control method, and thus saving energy (high overall availability).

│Capacity│30~450 usRT

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